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Dental Care Innovations: Accelerated Orthodontics

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The timeline of orthodontic treatment can vary from one to four years, which means that braces can be a big investment not just financially, but also in terms of the time you put in with orthodontic visits and daily oral care. With accelerated orthodontics, you might significantly cut down the time you need to wear braces without compromising the results of your treatment. This relatively new method of orthodontic treatment combines surgical care with traditional orthodontic appliances like metal or ceramic braces. Read on for a closer look at what this treatment option entails.


Shortened treatment timeline

With accelerated orthodontics, your orthodontist will schedule surgery with a periodontist about one week after your braces are put on. This minor surgical procedure will alter the structure of the gums and bones that support the teeth, and this helps the teeth move into a more ideal position faster. Typically, accelerated orthodontics will allow patients to get their braces off in three to eight months.


Safe, effective treatment

While the idea of surgery may be unappealing at first, you might weigh the benefits of a significantly shorter timeframe with braces on. Plus, surgery is completely safe and performed under local anesthesia, so patients only have about the same level of discomfort as a standard dental cleaning.


Comparable treatment costs

At the end of treatment, accelerated orthodontics has a similar cost to conventional orthodontic treatment. There is the added cost of periodontal surgery, but with fewer checkups and adjustments required, there are fewer costs associated with the orthodontic aspects of care. Most individuals who are candidates for traditional metal braces will be able to have accelerated orthodontic treatment with the same results that would be expected with conventional care.


As orthodontic technologies continue to improve, patients can expect more convenience and safety from their treatment with braces.

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