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Five Problems Only People with Braces Understand

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Braces are a traditional and successful orthodontic tool that helps you achieve the straight smile you’re after. However, wearing braces can present unique challenges during treatment. Together with your orthodontist, you can find solutions that will ensure your time in braces is comfortable and effective.

Food Caught In Your Braces
Your orthodontist will provide a list of foods to avoid during treatment. However, even many allowed foods may get stuck in your braces, as the wires and brackets make perfect snags for rice, meat, and vegetables. It’s essential to brush and floss regularly during orthodontic treatment, as food that stays trapped in your braces could lead to tooth decay.

Brushing With Braces
Daily oral care with braces can be a challenge. Your orthodontist will explain brushing and flossing with your braces, as well as any special tools you may need. Continuing to brush and floss will ensure your teeth remain healthy and bright so you can enjoy your new smile as soon as your braces come off.

Loose Wires
Although braces are designed to for durability, wires can become loose or detached during wear. Loose wires can irritate your gums or cheeks, so try placing a piece of soft dental wax or a bit of a pencil eraser over the end if you notice a loose wire. Contact your orthodontist to make an appointment to fix the wire as soon as possible.

A Metal Smile
Most braces are visible when you speak, laugh, or smile. Many braces wearers feel a little self-conscious, but there are ways to minimize the appearance of your braces. Talk to your dentist about your braces options—clear brackets and rubber bands or tooth-colored wires can help to camouflage your braces for greater confidence throughout your treatment.

Tooth Sensitivity
Tooth sensitivity can occur during treatment with braces for two reasons. First, difficulty keeping your teeth clean can irritate the gums, which may recede slightly and lead to tooth sensitivity. Second, many braces wearers experience temporary sensitivity following orthodontic visits—your orthodontist can provide helpful tips to address sensitivity related to adjustments.

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