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Getting Ready to Have Your Braces Put On

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Orthodontic treatment is a long process, and it will begin even before you have your braces put on. Prior to getting braces, you will need to have several consultations with your orthodontist to prepare your teeth for treatment. You should also take a few steps on your own to ensure that treatment goes smoothly from the very first day you wear your braces.


Visit your dentist

If you have any periodontal problems or tooth decay, these issues should be treated before your braces go on. Healthy gums are essential for patients with braces, since the gums are the foundation for the teeth. As the teeth move into position, they will require that sturdy foundation to remain healthy and strong. Cavities and decay should be treated before braces are put on, since braces may get in the way as your dentist is applying a filling or sealant.


Clean out your cabinets

There is an extensive list of foods that will be off-limits when you wear braces. These foods include popcorn, crunchy snacks, chewing gum, candy, and any sugary treats. That means you may want to get your fix of these foods before your braces are on. You might also make sure that your kitchen cabinets are free of these items so that you do not have the temptation to eat foods that may break or get stuck in your braces.


Stock up on floss and mouthwash

It is important to maintain a good dental hygiene routine when you wear braces, but there may be some challenges at first—especially when it comes to flossing. You may need to use a little more floss than usual or use special flossing tools to make sure that you are properly cleaning between your teeth with your braces in place.


With a bit of extra care and preparation, you can expect to wear your braces and benefit from them with no complications.

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