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Helping Your Child Properly Care for His or Her Braces

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Braces are an important investment in your child’s future dental health. Caring for his braces is essential to helping this orthodontic tool perform its function properly. As a parent, there are several steps you can take to help your child care for his braces to reduce discomfort and speed his results for brighter smiles during and after treatment.

Encourage Responsibility
Braces can be a big responsibility for a child. Encourage your child to step up and take part in his orthodontic care, offering him the opportunity to learn more about self-discipline and its rewards, as well as its consequences. Taking your child grocery shopping with you can help you find foods that are both “braces approved” and appealing for your child, while also helping him to feel like a more active and responsible participant in his orthodontic care.

Work With Your Orthodontist
Your orthodontist is your best resource when it comes to helping your child care for his braces. Although your child may not listen to you, he may be more likely to listen to his orthodontist when it comes to braces care. Don’t be afraid to talk to your orthodontist if you’re having trouble keeping your child on track—he will be happy to provide the support you may need to help your child understand the importance of taking good care of his braces and his teeth.

Find the Right Tools
Oral care during treatment with braces may require adjustments to your child’s normal daily dental routine. If your child is reluctant to care for his teeth and his braces, consider providing him with different tools, such as an electric toothbrush or a water flosser, to make oral care easier and faster. Young children can often benefit from “family time” spent brushing teeth and cleaning braces, turning this task into a daily social activity that will become an important part of his routine.

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