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How Can You Shorten the Timeline of Your Orthodontic Treatment?

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The average treatment time with braces for children is two years, while adults may wear braces for three years or more. Although this is time well spent in improving the health and appearance of your smile, there are ways you can help your braces do their job to shorten the timeline of your orthodontic treatment. Every case is different, so talk to your orthodontist for personalized tips to achieve the best results.

Avoid Gum and Chewy Candy
Gum and chewy candy are on your “don’t eat” list for a reason. These treats can cause serious damage to your braces, bending them out of shape or loosening the wires. While you’ll likely notice if this occurs, more minor damage could go unnoticed and affect your braces’ efficacy, prolonging the time it takes for them to straighten your teeth.

Wear Your Elastics
Many braces systems use elastics for two purposes: first, to hold the wires against the braces brackets, and second, to help place the proper amount of force on the teeth for movement. Thus, these elastics are an important component of your braces, even though they can be removed or accidentally broken. Make sure you have replacement elastics on hand and wear your elastics as often as your orthodontist recommends for the fastest treatment results.

Attend Orthodontic Appointments Regularly
Throughout the course of your treatment with braces, your orthodontist will schedule regular appointments to chart your progress and make adjustments as needed. Avoid skipping or delaying appointments whenever possible, as these visits are an important part of your ongoing care. Delays can prolong the time you need to wear your braces when adjustments are made later than they should be for your optimal braces timetable.

Wearing braces is an important step toward the smile you want. Working together with your orthodontist to achieve your goals is the best way to get your braces off sooner and begin enjoying your perfect smile.

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