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How to Get Your Child Ready for Braces

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Very few children have perfect teeth and those who do not can benefit greatly from having braces applied. Discovery Fit & Health believes that as many as 75 percent of school age children could glean benefits from braces such as to correct alignment problems, improve oral health and, of course, provide a more attractive smile.

Although braces can correct current dental issues, prevent worsening problems into adulthood and offer kids great looking teeth, most children are apprehensive about getting them. Fears haunt their minds concerning how they will look, what peers will call them, not being able to participate in music or sports, social snubbing, and a whole host of other unsubstantiated circumstances.

When children require braces, their fears can be significantly decreased by focusing on a preparation strategy. First of all, talk openly with your child and listen to what they have to say. Counter any fears with the many positive benefits that they will glean from wearing braces. For example, if your child fears how they will look or what people will say, simply tell them how envious other children will be once the process is complete and their smile outshines all the others.

Cute girl with dental braces.

Parents and dentists should both explain the process of applying braces and how it is relatively painless. Some discomfort may be experienced when adjustments are made, but that is because the braces are slowly pulling the child’s teeth or jaw into proper alignment, eliminating crooked teeth and unsightly gaps and creating a strong and beautiful smile. Most envision the horrible old-style braces that produced the name “metal mouth” and which is the foundation for a lot of their fears. They should know that the majority of braces today are made from advanced materials that are less noticeable and more comfortable.

Children that desire to participate in sports or play musical instruments can be ensured that braces will not stop them from doing so. All sports and instruments can be played with braces using specially made mouth guards. Confidence can be boosted further by pointing out photos of child idols and celebrities that have improved their appearance by wearing braces.

The bottom line for preparing kids for braces is to talk and listen openly to them, offer them factual information about the process and give them a lot of tender loving support throughout the process. Once the time comes to have braces applied, they will be much more confident and willing to start the process towards a winning smile.

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