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How to Pick the Perfect Color For Your Braces, So They Make You Look Awesome!

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One of the cool things about getting braces (other than the fact that they make your teeth straight) is that you can customize the colors. Best of all, you don’t have to stick with one color the whole time– you can change the color every 4-6 weeks when you check in with your orthodontist! This means you can change the color along with your personal style, and if you’re getting braces or are about to change the colors, you should start thinking about the color combinations that will look best on you.

Determine Your Skin Tone

Before you can determine what color looks the best on you, you’ll need to determine your skin tone. Ever noticed that some colors just “don’t look right” on you? That’s because some colors look better or worse on some people compared to others depending on their skin tone. To determine your skin tone: take this test from Seventeen Magazine. At the end, it’ll tell you the colors that look best on you. (Don’t worry, we’ll wait for you!)

Visualize Your New Braces Colors

The best way to visualize the colors of your new braces is to use this really helpful tool from get-braces.com. Just drag and drop the colors you like onto the teeth. When you find a color combination that you really like, write it down or print it out so you can show it to your orthodontist on your next visit!

Braces Color Picker

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Coordinate Your Style
The next step is easy and will depend very much on your personal sense of style. Once your new braces colors are on, coordinate your clothes to compliment the new colors! Of course, some colors are harder to match and coordinate than others: blue and black are pretty easy though! The most important thing to remember though is to have fun and experiment! You never know what might look good.

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