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Potential Advantages of Early Orthodontic Care

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Orthodontic care focuses on bringing the teeth and jaws into ideal alignment for a healthy bite. Early treatment, beginning when the permanent teeth start to emerge, can offer many benefits in terms of treatment time and intensity. Bringing your child to an orthodontist for an evaluation at the age of seven could help your child grow into a healthy, beautiful smile with less orthodontic care.

Preventive Treatment
In some cases, beginning orthodontic treatment at an early age can prevent the need for braces altogether. Because your child’s bones are still growing when his permanent teeth first start to appear, your orthodontist may be able to recommend options such as a palate expander to prevent crowding and other alignment problems before they even occur. With the right type of preventive treatment, your child may not need any further orthodontic care by the time all of his teeth have emerged.

Easier Treatment
Even if your child will still need braces, early orthodontic treatment could reduce the time he’ll spend wearing them. Less time in braces means many things, from greater comfort for your child to less money and time spent at orthodontic appointments. Additionally, early treatment could significantly reduce the difficulty of treating your
child’s malocclusion later, making his future treatment simpler in addition to shorter as well.

Better Oral Health
Crooked teeth can affect oral health by making it harder for your child to brush and floss, increasing his risk for cavities and gum disease. Additionally, braces can also increase the difficulty of daily oral care, further increasing the chances of developing dental problems without special attention. Earlier treatment with braces means your child will enjoy a straighter, healthier smile sooner, while less time wearing braces will lower his risk for any associated dental health concerns.

Early orthodontic treatment, often called two-phase treatment, offers your family many benefits, speeding your child down the road to the healthy, bright smile he deserves.

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