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Ten Celebs Who Totally Rocked Their Braces!

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When you see a celeb, you never think of them as someone who needed any help when it comes to their looks. However, a lot of really famous celebrities wore braces, Invisalign…even headgear! They go to show that when you get braces, you can still look awesome enough to be a movie star. These are ten celebs that totally rocked their braces, on camera and off.


Emma Watson


Source: au.lifestyle.yahoo.com

Since we all watched Emma grow up in front of our eyes by watching the Harry Potter movies, we got to see her look change a lot. We even got to see her in braces! For four months in 2005 (the same year as Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), Emma wore braces. She was admittedly lucky to get them off so quickly, but reaffirmed that it was important, since a smile is “for life.”


Gwen Stefani


Source: nowyouknowthis.com


In 1999, Gwen Stefani appeared on the red carpet with braces and people were shocked. Was it a fashion statement? The answer was a lot simpler: she was never able to afford them when she was younger, so the minute that her band No Doubt made some money, she rushed to get her teeth straightened! She really pulled the look off, though.

Faith Hill


Source: www.usmagazine.com

Gorgeous country star Faith Hill drew more looks than usual in 2013 when she showed up to the Grammy Awards wearing clear braces. The singer revealed that although she had braces as a kid, she had to get fitted for a new set in her 40’s because she never wore her retainer! She later gave some great advice to everyone who is thinking of ditching their retainers early: “Kids, wear your retainer!”

Beyonce Knowles


Source: www.ranker.com

In 2011, Beyonce sported braces with flattering colorful bands, although her teeth were already quite straight. Although she hasn’t elaborated much on the orthodontic enhancement, two things are clear: one, she chose colors that flattered her complexion and fashion sense, and two, she showed us all that braces could be a cool fashion accessory!

Miley Cyrus


Source: www.ranker.com

Miley Cyrus is another young celeb that we’ve gotten to watch grow up. From her days as Hannah Montana to now, she’s changed a lot. Miley’s had to have quite a bit of orthodontic work done over the years, from traditional metal braces to Invisalign later on. As you can see by looking at a current picture of her, her smile looks great these days!

Jaden Smith


Source: http://www.m-magazine.com

Although Jaden Smith will probably always be known first and foremost as Will Smith’s son, he’s been setting out on his own career path as of late. You might remember him sporting braces a few years back, and although the braces are off now, the “Karate Kid” star is still getting attention on the red carpet and on social media.

Kendall Jenner


Source: www.popsugar.com

Kendall Jenner got metal braces when she was 13. However, her teeth took a little extra work to finally become as straight as she liked, so she got Invisalign at age 17. These days, her smile is flawless, thanks to the wonders of orthodontics! It just goes to show: good things happen if you don’t give up!

Ariel Winter


Source: www.celebrityredcarpet.co.uk

The “Modern Family” star got braces when she was 12 and wore them while she was appearing on the show. If braces are supposed to make people look “awkward,” they sure failed in this case because she totally rocked them (and so can you!) She later said: “You know what? The majority of young teenage girls in the world have braces. I’m gonna embrace them.” Good advice!

Prince Harry


Source: www.heraldsun.com.au

It’s hard to get away from the cameras when you’re a royal, so it’s not surprising that the Royal Family had to release a statement about Harry’s orthodontic work when he was photographed with a retainer a while back. No matter what, be happy that you don’t have to deal with that kind of attention while you’re rocking your braces!

Dakota Fanning

This is the ultimate “don’t give up on your smile” story. Dakota Fanning struggled to improve her smile for years: she had several teeth pulled and had almost every orthodontic solution available, including headgear and dental surgery. Incredibly, although she had “crazy teeth problems” and wore braces for nearly four years, they never appeared in any of her movies.

Are you convinced now that you can have braces and still look awesome? Gone are the days of braces being uncool– they can be just as much a part of your personal sense of style as a hat or new pair of shoes. When your orthodontist tells you that you’re gonna need his help, don’t freak out– it’s totally possible to look like a star while rocking braces!

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